Annual Homeless Youth Charity Live Event Artist Captures on Canvas at the Del Mar Race Track for 10 past years.

Thank you to The Del Mar Race Track and to all that has help with painting a live event at this great American Track for the past ten years for a charity called Doors of Change a charity for Homeless youth of San Diego this wonderful charity helps with shelter but also helps them by giving the children a chance to create with different music instruments and or art materials. For the Community by the Community. God Bless America and Again Thank you its because of people society.

Hello World , I am an Illustrator graduated with BFA from AAU in SF , been painting Live Events Including Huge Sporting Events including The WSOP in Vegas ,parties,weddings,big corporate events from New York to Miami /San Francisco and then come back home to paint commissions , murals but I also wanted to give back so for over a Decade I have been working together with the community leaders of San Diego county to pint for community events. Which include the Del Mar Race Track where it all started for charity and at the PGA Torrey’s Pines Golf Tournamnet and the San Diego Wounded Warrior Program of San Diego , The San Diego Polo Club in Del Mar with the backing of many local business I have recently painted for the Breeders Cup Charity and also still trying to get to the right people the Chicago Cubs Paintings two of them in which I have donated 100 percent of every charity event. The painting image is always mine so I can use it later ,. Living in Vegas painting events at the Red Rock Casino I was ask if I could do the WSOP and for the ost ten years I have been going to this epic event year after year saving every drawing and then painting them to showcase for the future. So I have 100 drawings and over 30 paintings of this event huge canvas size paintings that I still have , so God says to ask the right question and I ask only one question

“ What would you like me to do”

Because Together We Can Help Others by Working Together in a Common goal and Cause and my Cause is The Homeless Youth Charity of San Diego called Doors of Change they not only shelter and feed Our Future Leaders of This Community but give them art supplies and or music instruments. God Bless All

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