2019 recap American Live Event Artist


Shawn David Baker 

 Classical Illustrator 

Live Event Artist

E@ mail  Bakersart@yahoo.com

 NewWebsite   bakersartsite.Wordpress.com

Cell Number -1 (760) 481 4806

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Last year was an epic year listed below r some of the events and paintings which some include drawings and original paintings

I am currently working on live events and also commissions for special clients that include large scale projects and/or Live Events. Subject matters for example: Poker Events At The Rio in Vegas/ The Del Mar Race Tracks/Golfing Tournaments/ Concerts/Fashion Shows in San Francisco placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder:///restaurants scenes/ surfing/, café scenes, portraits and Murals, Also I have just finished my new series of paintings which include

“The New Del Mar Series which with the drawings and paintings I have over 200 images

The New 25 Golfing Series/ And

The New Poker Series over 50 drawing -100 drawings /

32 Christian Artwork to name a few..

50 Surfing Images to print on anything and as big as u want

Just working on a few commissions and booking live events for the future.

Also during the coarse of the year I had an opportunity to paint sports figures ,.for charity only which included


Dan Fouts

Tony Gwynn

put together my The new Art Catalog Book is virtual so you can choose any painting for prints Thank you for your time

WSOP February 8th

May and June and July 2020 film and saved all originals

The American Legion in Encinitas before I did the WSOP